Walker County Engineering Department
Located at 198 Biddle Drive (Walker County Airport - Bevill Field)
Phone#: 205-265-3898
Fax#: 205-384-7003

Mailing Address:
1801 3rd Avenue South, Suite 113
Jasper, Alabama 35501

Glenn Peek
County Engineer 

Phillip Montgomery
Assistant County Engineer

Keith Duncan
Airport Manager

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Walker County currently has no zoning rules or regulations (except in the area around the Walker County Airport Bevill Field), has no building regulations, does not require building permits for structures, and does not issue Certificate of Occupancy. This does not include areas within municipalities. This also does not include any regulations regarding environmental matters, which would fall under the jurisdiction of the Walker County Health Department. Walker County does require a business license for any contractors operating within the County.

Procedure to Vacate a Roadway:
For the road to be vacated by Walker County, you need to submit a request by letter to the District Commissioner and the County Engineer. In the request you need to define the area of the road to be vacated and have a list of the property owners with their addresses within that defined area. After a thirty (30) day advertisement, the Commissioner and/or the County Engineer would then schedule the request to be added to the agenda of a Commission Meeting for a Public Hearing and the Commission's approval. If approved, the roadway would be divided evenly between the property owners along the roadway and no longer be maintained by Walker County.